Article 13 – Counties, County Seats and County Lines – Arkansas Constitution

§ 1.   Size of counties — Exceptions.

No county now established shall be reduced to an area of less than six hundred square miles, nor to less than five thousand inhabitants: nor shall any new county be established with less than six hundred square miles and five thousand inhabitants: Provided, that this section shall not apply to the counties of Lafayette, Pope and Johnson, nor be so construed as to prevent the General Assembly from changing the line between the counties of Pope and Johnson.

§ 2.   Consent of voters to change of county lines.

No part of a county shall be taken off to form a new county, or a part thereof, without the consent of a majority of the voters in such part proposed to be taken off.

§ 3.   Change of county seats — Conditions — New counties.

No county seat shall be established or changed without the consent of a majority of the qualified voters of the county to be affected by such change, nor until the place at which it is proposed to establish or change such county seat shall be fully designated: Provided, That in formation of new counties, the county seat may be located temporarily by provisions of law.

§ 4.   Lines of new counties — Distance from county seat of adjoining county — Exception.

In the formation of new counties no line thereof shall run within ten miles of the county seat of the county proposed to be divided, except the county seat of Lafayette County.

§ 5.   Sebastian County — Districts.

Sebastian County may have two districts and two county seats, at which county, probate and circuit courts shall be held as may be provided by law, each district paying its own expenses.

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