Article 4 Part 2 Section 19 – Local or special laws

19. Local or special laws

Section 19. No local or special laws shall be enacted in any of the following cases, that is to say:

1. Granting divorces.

2. Locating or changing county seats.

3. Changing rules of evidence.

4. Changing the law of descent or succession.

5. Regulating the practice of courts of justice.

6. Limitation of civil actions or giving effect to informal or invalid deeds.

7. Punishment of crimes and misdemeanors.

8. Laying out, opening, altering, or vacating roads, plats, streets, alleys, and public squares.

9. Assessment and collection of taxes.

10. Regulating the rate of interest on money.

11. The conduct of elections.

12. Affecting the estates of deceased persons or of minors.

13. Granting to any corporation, association, or individual, any special or exclusive privileges, immunities, or franchises.

14. Remitting fines, penalties, and forfeitures.

15. Changing names of persons or places.

16. Regulating the jurisdiction and duties of justices of the peace.

17. Incorporation of cities, towns, or villages, or amending their charters.

18. Relinquishing any indebtedness, liability, or obligation to this State.

19. Summoning and empanelling of juries.

20. When a general law can be made applicable.

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