Article 6 Section 21, 22, 23 – Arizona Constitution

Article 6 Section 21 – Superior court; speedy decisions

21. Superior court; speedy decisions

Section 21. Every matter submitted to a judge of the superior court for his decision shall be decided within sixty days from the date of submission thereof. The supreme court shall by rule provide for the speedy disposition of all matters not decided within such period.

Article 6 Section 22 – Superior and other courts; qualifications of judges

22. Superior and other courts; qualifications of judges

Section 22. Judges of the superior court, intermediate appellate courts or courts inferior to the superior court having jurisdiction in civil cases of one thousand dollars or more, exclusive of interest and costs, established by law under the provisions of section 1 of this article, shall be at least thirty years of age, of good moral character and admitted to the practice of law in and a resident of the state for five years next preceding their taking office.

Article 6 Section 23 – Superior court; clerk

23. Superior court; clerk

Section 23. There shall be in each county a clerk of the superior court. The clerk shall be elected by the qualified electors of his county at the general election and shall hold office for a term of four years from and after the first Monday in January next succeeding his election. The clerk shall have such powers and perform such duties as may be provided by law or by rule of the supreme court or superior court. He shall receive such compensation as may be provided by law.

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