Article 7 Section 9, 10, 11 – Arizona Constitution

Article 7 Section 9 – Advisory vote

9. Advisory vote

Section 9. For the purpose of obtaining an advisory vote of the people, the legislature shall provide for placing the names of candidates for United States senator on the official ballot at the general election next preceding the election of a United States senator.

Article 7 Section 10 – Direct primary election law

10. Direct primary election law

Section 10. The Legislature shall enact a direct primary election law, which shall provide for the nomination of candidates for all elective State, county, and city offices, including candidates for United States Senator and for Representative in Congress. Any person who is registered as no party preference or independent as the party preference or who is registered with a political party that is not qualified for representation on the ballot may vote in the primary election of any one of the political parties that is qualified for the ballot.

Article 7 Section 11 – General elections; date

11. General elections; date

Section 11. There shall be a general election of representatives in congress, and of state, county, and precinct officers on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the first even numbered year after the year in which Arizona is admitted to statehood and biennially thereafter.

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