ARTICLE XIII. BANKS AND BANKING – Constitution of Alabama 2022

ARTICLE XIII. BANKS AND BANKING – Constitution of Alabama 2022


(a) The Legislature shall not have the power to establish or incorporate any bank or banking company or moneyed institution for the purpose of issuing bills of credit or bills payable to order or bearer, except under the conditions prescribed in this Constitution.  No bank shall be established otherwise than under a general banking law.

(b) There shall be no limit of time for the duration of a corporation organized as a bank or banking company, and it shall not be necessary to renew or extend the life or charter of any such corporation now existing.  All extensions of the life or charter of any such corporations are ratified and confirmed.

(c) Neither the state, nor any political subdivision thereof, shall be a stockholder in any bank, nor shall the credit of the state or any political subdivision thereof be given or lent to any banking company, banking association, or banking corporation.

(d) The Legislature, by appropriate laws, shall provide for the examination, by some public officer, of all banks and banking institutions and trust companies engaged in banking business in this state;  and each of such banks and banking companies or institutions, through its president, or such other officer as the Legislature may designate, shall make a report under oath of its resources and liabilities at least twice a year.


The provisions of this article shall apply to all banks except national banks, and to all trust companies and individuals doing a banking business, whether incorporated or not.

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